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What Does A Vehicle Warranty Administrator Do?

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What Does a Vehicle Warranty Administrator Do?

Automotive Warranty Administrators are the connection between a dealership, a warranty holder and repair facilities. They provide support during the sale of the contract and aid to contract holders who need to make use of their benefits. Administrators help guide the vehicle repair or claim process between the agreement holder and repair facility, as well as other parties that may be involved.

Warranty coverage is meant to lessen the financial risk that comes with vehicle ownership and the unavoidable maintenance and repairs. These warranties are sometimes referred to as a third-party warranty or an extended warranty, which refers to the lengthening of the manufacturer’s warranty.

How is Principal Warranty Corp. different from other Auto Warranty Administrators?

Our main goal is to deliver first-rate customer service to dealership employees, vehicle owners, and mechanics who help get owners back on the road. Our competitors in the industry use complex phone queues and have long hold times that drag on all processes for finding solutions to your needs. When a mechanic calls Principal Warranty Corp., they will speak to a real person within 15 seconds, saving all parties involved valuable time.

While quick and clear communication is essential, we discovered that training presents a great possibility for success with dealerships in educating customers about the potential benefits of warranty products. We assist dealer personnel in learning our products and procedures by utilizing our top-tier training professionals who link with our dealership clients and by organizing training events at our training center.

Principal Warranty Corp. takes pride in offering a wide range of products and having a quick-thinking staff of product developers who can quickly design new products depending on shifting consumer demands. Our product offerings in RVs, Powersports, and Automotive meet a variety of consumer needs. Additionally, we can white glove brand-new products for dealerships to meet a variety of consumer needs, giving customers peace of mind as they drive off the lot.

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Who do I contact in the event my vehicle breaks down?

A certified mechanic is required to carry out all covered repairs. However, the first action depends on where your car is. If your plan allows it and your car isn’t at home or in a good spot, call 24/7 Roadside Assistance to have it towed to a shop. Give your vehicle’s warranty to the licensed mechanic once it is there and ask them to contact us to start a claim. To proceed with your repairs, we will collaborate with your mechanic.

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