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Principal Key Shield

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Car keys have become more advanced, adding cutting-edge technology and features that enhance security and convenience. However, with these upgrades, the cost of key replacements has also increased. Losing or having car keys stolen can be a stressful and costly experience. But fear not! We have a solution that will save your customers from the financial burden and inconvenience that comes with key replacement. Introducing Principal Key Shield—a comprehensive key protection product designed to give you unrivaled peace of mind.

Comprehensive Key Protection:

Principal Key Shield is specifically tailored to offer car buyers coverage for lost or stolen key fobs. With this product, your customers can rest easy, knowing that the cost of replacing their keys is fully covered. Principal Key Shield offers coverage for key replacements of up to $800 per occurrence, ensuring that customers don’t have to bear the entire cost of getting a new key.

Additional Coverage for Personal Keys:

Principal Key Shield goes above and beyond by not only covering car keys but also providing coverage for personal keys such as those used for trailers, RVs, lock boxes, and more. If any of these keys are lost or stolen, your customers are fully protected and can have them replaced without any additional expenses. This comprehensive coverage ensures that your customers can continue with their daily activities without any interruptions.

Vehicle Lockout Assistance and Towing Coverage:

Principal Key Shield doesn’t stop at key replacement coverage. As a policyholder, your customers will also benefit from vehicle lockout assistance of up to $100 per occurrence. Accidentally locking oneself out of a vehicle can happen to anyone, but with this coverage, customers can rely on quick assistance to regain entry to their vehicles. Additionally, if customers find themselves stranded away from home due to lost or damaged keys, Principal Key Shield provides towing assistance to make sure they and their vehicles are safely transported.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance:

Principal Key Shield offers 24-hour roadside assistance benefits, providing your customers with support in unexpected situations. Whether they need a tow, a flat tire change, emergency gas delivery, a battery jump-start, or even help with a home lockout, this coverage has them covered. The comprehensive package of services ensures that your customers can confidently navigate any challenges on the road.

Losing or having car keys stolen can be a frustrating and costly experience. Principal Key Shield is here to provide your customers with the protection and peace of mind they deserve. With coverage for key replacement, personal keys, vehicle lockout assistance, towing coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance, Principal Key Shield is the ultimate solution to alleviate worries and ensure worry-free driving experiences.

Don’t let the fear of lost or stolen keys weigh you or your customers down. Help them safeguard their car keys and enjoy a seamless driving experience with Principal Key Shield.

Contact us to learn more about our full-service vehicle contracts and how they can help you. Don’t forget that at Principal Warranty Corp., we want you to drive with confidence and peace of mind.

Program coverage and access vary by state. See details on our product page.

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