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If you’re a motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles, or personal watercraft enthusiast, you understand the excitement these powersports vehicles bring. Whether you’re riding on the open road or conquering off-road terrains, Principal Powersports is here to ensure you have a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Our comprehensive powersports programs offer mechanical protection plans and GAP protection tailored to meet the specific needs of each vehicle category, providing you with unmatched peace of mind.

Exclusionary Mechanical Protection:

Principal Powersports offers exclusionary mechanical protection plans that go above and beyond basic coverage. These plans provide comprehensive protection for your powersports vehicle, covering all major components against unexpected mechanical breakdowns. From the engine to the transmission, drive system, electrical components, cooling system, suspension, and more, our plans have you covered. With Principal Powersports, you can ride with confidence, knowing that costly repairs are taken care of.

GAP Protection:

In addition to mechanical protection, Principal Powersports offers GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) coverage. This coverage is designed to protect you financially in the event of a total loss or theft of your powersports vehicle. GAP coverage bridges the gap between the actual cash value of your vehicle and the remaining loan balance, ensuring you’re not left with a financial burden.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance:

At Principal Powersports, we understand that unexpected breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why all our mechanical protection plans include 24-hour roadside assistance benefits. Whether you experience a flat tire, run out of gas, need a jump-start, or require towing, our roadside assistance service is just a phone call away. We’re here to provide you with prompt support and get you back on your adventures in no time.

Customized Protection for Every Powersport:

Principal Powersports recognizes that each powersports vehicle is unique, with different needs and requirements. That’s why our programs cover a wide range of vehicles, including on-road motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. No matter your chosen ride, we have the right protection plan to suit your vehicle.

Experience the Thrills with Principal Powersports:

Don’t let the fear of unexpected repairs or financial loss dampen your powersports adventures. Principal Powersports is dedicated to ensuring you can fully enjoy the thrill and excitement of your rides, knowing that you’re protected. With our exclusionary mechanical protection plans, GAP coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance, you can hit the road, trail, or water with confidence.

Contact us to learn more about Principal Powersports and how our programs can provide you with comprehensive protection for your powersports vehicles. Your thrills await!

Program coverage and access vary by state. See details on our product page.

Principal Warranty Corp. is a customer-centric company that takes pride in our automotive and recreational vehicle F&I products and wealth building programs for dealers, agents, and contract holders all over the nation. Our full line of F&I products for auto, RV, and powersports includes exclusive and comprehensive mechanical service contracts, lifetime and limited warranty programs, GAP, ancillary plans, reinsurance programs, dealer development and compliance training. Principal Warranty Corp. has its head office north of Seattle in Burlington, WA. 

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