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Principal Safety Shield

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Your vehicle’s windshield is one of its most important safety features, protecting you and your passengers from outside elements while giving you clear visibility on the road. Unfortunately, windshield damage happens often and can pose a large risk to your safety. That’s where Principal Safety Shield comes in to save the day. Giving you comprehensive coverage for windshield repair and replacement, Safety Shield makes sure that you can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing that your windshield is fully protected.

Unrivaled Coverage for Windshield Damage:

Safety Shield goes beyond the typical insurance policies by providing coverage for different types of windshield damage. Whether you run into cracks, chips, stars, or sand pitting, Safety Shield has you covered. These damages are fixed by licensed repair facilities, ensuring high-quality workmanship that gives back your windshield’s strength.

No Deductible and Transferable Coverage:

Principal Safety Shield stands out from the crowd with its customer-centric approach. Unlike traditional insurance policies, Safety Shield doesn’t burden you with deductibles. This means that when you need to repair or replace your windshield, you won’t have to pay a dime out of pocket. It’s a true testament to Principal’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Another key advantage of Safety Shield is its transferable coverage. If you sell your vehicle, the leftover coverage can be transferred to the new owner. This feature adds value to your vehicle and provides additional peace of mind for future owners. Whether you’re a new car buyer or have a pre-owned vehicle, Safety Shield offers unmatched convenience and protection.

The Replacement Solution for Large Cracks:

Even the most careful drivers can experience the unfortunate event of a large windshield crack. Principal Safety Shield recognizes this and offers a solution when repairs are not possible. If a crack exceeds 6 inches in length, Safety Shield covers the complete replacement of the windshield. This means you won’t have to bear the hefty cost of replacing a damaged windshield on your own.

Car Windshield Repair

Why Choose Principal Safety Shield?

      1. Complete Protection: Safety Shield covers a wide range of windshield damages, including cracks, chips, stars, and sand pitting. It makes sure your windshield stays in optimal condition, guaranteeing your safety on the road.
      2. No Deductible: With Safety Shield, there are no deductibles to worry about. You won’t face any unexpected out-of-pocket costs when repairing or replacing your windshield.
      3. Transferable Coverage: Safety Shield offers the flexibility to transfer the remaining coverage to a new owner if you decide to sell your vehicle. This feature adds value and peace of mind to both you and future owners.
      4. Cost Savings: By getting rid of deductibles and covering windshield replacement for larger cracks, Safety Shield helps you save money in the long run. You can drive with confidence, knowing that potential windshield repairs won’t drain your finances. 

    Principal Safety Shield is the ultimate solution for protecting your windshield from the damage that can happen on the road. With comprehensive coverage for various types of windshield damage and the option for complete replacement, Safety Shield offers unparalleled peace of mind for both new and pre-owned vehicle owners. Say goodbye to deductibles and hello to worry-free driving with Principal Safety Shield. Protect your windshield and ensure your safety wherever the road takes you.

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