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Principal Total Care

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When you invest in a vehicle, you want to ensure that it’s protected against unexpected damages and repairs. That’s where Principal Total Care comes in – a unique product designed as a packaged bundle of several individual products, providing complete protection for your vehicle. Total Care combines a range of coverage options, including Tire & Wheel coverage, Cosmetic Wheel coverage, Windshield Protection coverage, Key Replacement coverage, and Paintless dent repair, all in one convenient plan.

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Vehicle:

Principal Total Care offers a range of coverage options to protect your vehicle against unexpected damages and repairs. Tire & Wheel coverage provides protection for your tires and wheels, covering the cost of repairs or replacement due to road hazards such as nails or potholes. Cosmetic Wheel coverage ensures that your wheels remain in pristine condition, covering the cost of cosmetic damages such as scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. Windshield Protection coverage provides coverage for chips or cracks, ensuring that your windshield remains clear and free of damage. Key Replacement coverage provides coverage for lost or damaged keys, while Paintless dent repair offers a fast and cost-effective solution for dents less than 4 inches in diameter.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance:

In addition to the comprehensive coverage options, Principal Total Care also includes 24-hour roadside assistance. This service provides towing, flat tire changes, emergency gas delivery, battery jumps, and a key lockout service, ensuring that you’re never stranded on the side of the road.

Flexible Coverage Options:

With Principal Total Care, you have the flexibility to choose the coverage options that are most important to you. There are multiple coverage options available, allowing you to tailor the plan to your unique needs and preferences. This means that you can select the coverage options that make the most sense for your vehicle and your budget.

Benefits of Principal Total Care:

Principal Total Care offers a range of benefits that are tailored to the unique needs of vehicle owners. With comprehensive coverage options and 24-hour roadside assistance, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is protected against unexpected damages and repairs. The flexible coverage options allow you to choose the coverage that makes the most sense for your vehicle and your budget, ensuring that you’re never paying for coverage that you don’t need.

Protect Your Vehicle with Principal Total Care:

Your vehicle is an investment, and it deserves the best possible protection. With Principal Total Care, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected against unexpected damages and repairs. From Tire & Wheel coverage to Paintless dent repair, Total Care provides complete protection for your vehicle, all in one convenient plan. Contact your local dealership today to learn more about Principal Total Care and how it can safeguard your vehicle.

Contact us to learn more about our full-service vehicle contracts and how they can help you. Don’t forget that at Principal Warranty Corp., we want you to drive with confidence and peace of mind.

Program coverage and access vary by state. See details on our product page.

Principal Warranty Corp. is a customer-centric company that takes pride in our automotive and recreational vehicle F&I products and wealth building programs for dealers, agents, and contract holders all over the nation. Our full line of F&I products for auto, RV, and powersports includes exclusive and comprehensive mechanical service contracts, lifetime and limited warranty programs, GAP, ancillary plans, reinsurance programs, dealer development and compliance training. Principal Warranty Corp. has its head office north of Seattle in Burlington, WA. 

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