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What are the Best Ancillary Products?

In the world of vehicle protection, you may come across the term “ancillary product.” But what exactly is it, and why should you consider adding it to your protection plan? A lot of companies offer ancillary products, but not all ancillary products come with Principal Warranty Corp.’s standout 15-second average hold times, 6-minute handle times, and 96% approval rate. In this, we’ll explore what ancillary products are, why they can be useful, and what we offer when it comes to safeguarding your vehicle.

What is an Ancillary Product?

An ancillary product is a product that adds an extra layer of protection to your main vehicle warranty. Think of it as an optional bonus that offers additional protection beyond the scope of your standard coverage. These products are designed to offer you peace of mind in many ways, making sure you’re prepared for unexpected situations.

Why Choose an Ancillary Product?

If you already have a traditional warranty plan, you might be wondering why you should consider an ancillary product. The answer is simple: while standard warranties cover the main mechanical components of your vehicle, they often leave out other crucial parts. Ancillary products fill this gap by letting you tailor your protection plans to reflect the components that matter to you.

Here are a few key reasons why ancillary products can be useful:

      1. Comprehensive Coverage: Ancillary products cover a wide range of items, including but not limited to your vehicle’s key fobs, windshields, tires, and more. This means you’re no longer limited to traditional mechanical protections.
      2. Customization: All vehicle owners have their own needs and priorities when it comes to vehicle protection. Ancillary products allow you to create custom coverages, ensuring that you’re paying for what matters most to you.
      3. Added Peace of Mind: Accidents and repairs can be costly. Ancillary products offer an extra layer of protection and financial security, so you will not have to worry about future repair bills.
      4. Convenience: Ancillary products are easy to add to your existing protection plan, making them a convenient way to enhance your coverage without adding complications.

    Principal Warranty Corp. Ancillary Products:

    Principal Warranty Corp. offers a range of ancillary products to cater to various vehicle protection needs. While other businesses may offer products that are similar to ours, none of them have the support of Principal Warranty Corp., where we offer standout hold times, quick handle times, unmatched customer service, and a variety of ancillary products to suit your needs.

    Ancillary products are useful to add to your vehicle protection plan and allow you to customize coverage, reduce financial risks, and enjoy peace of mind on the road. When choosing the best ancillary products for your vehicle, look at your unique needs and priorities to make an informed choice about protecting your investment.

    Our ancillary offerings include:

      Principal Warranty Corp. is a customer-centric company that takes pride in our automotive and recreational vehicle F&I products and wealth-building programs for dealers, agents, and contract holders all over the nation. Our full line of F&I products for auto, RV, and powersports includes exclusive and comprehensive mechanical service contracts, lifetime and limited warranty programs, GAP, ancillary plans, reinsurance programs, dealer development, and compliance training. Principal Warranty Corp. has its head office north of Seattle in Burlington, WA. 

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