Contract Holders

Principal Warranty Corp.

Our claims office is in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our hours of office operations are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

To file a claim, call us at the number below or the number on your contract, submit a claim form below or file a claim through your Dealer Admin Portal.

Office Phone # (360) 848-7922, Claims Fax # (360) 686-7763

Claims Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of my contract?
Please contact our Client Services department at (360) 848-7922 or email with the following information: Agreement holder name, vehicle year, make and model, and last six of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
How do I make a claim?
To start a claim or if your vehicle incurs a breakdown, please follow these steps:
  • Prevent Further Damage by taking immediate action. The operator is responsible for observing vehicle warning lights and guages, and to take appropriate action immediately.
  • Return Vehicle to the selling Dealer or approved licensed repair facility. Provide the repair facility with a copy of your agreement and/or agreement number. Have your dealership service writer contact Principal Warranty Corp. toll free at 855-251-7175 to start your vehicle claim. The repair facility will obtain authorization from the administator for any claim.
  • Pay deductible and costs for non-covered repairs. We will reimburse the repair facility or you for the cost of the work performed on the vehicle that is covered by your agreement for the authorized amount.
  • Refer to the section in your agreement "Guide To Filing A Claim".
Can I take my vehicle to any repair facility?
Yes you can take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility of your choice to perform repair services. In the event covered repairs are performed by the Dealer that sold you the agreement, the deductible may be reduced or waived. Please see your agreement for completed terms and conditions.
What happens if I breakdown on a weekend or out of state?
If an emergency occurs which requires a breakdown repair to be made at a time when the Administrator's office is closed and prior authorization for the repair cannot be obtained, the repair facility should follow the claims procedures outlined in your agreement and contact the Administrator for claims instructions during normal business hours immediately following the emergency repair.
Is towing covered under my agreement?
24-Hour Roadside Assistance 877-211-8136 is a benefit of your Principal Auto Care agreement. In the event your vehicle is disabled, you are entitled for reimbursement or payment for up to $100 per occurrence for towing/road services. You must pay fees that exceed the amount of the Roadside Assistance benefits at the time the service is rendered.

For Principal Car Care agreements, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance number is 844-235-8752. Please see your agreements for complete benefits, terms and conditions.
Do you pay for all the parts and all the labor?
Labor times will be verified by a nationally recognized labor time guide (i.e. Mitchell On Demand, Alldata). Approved replacement parts may not exceed manufacturer's suggested retail price.
Why do I need maintenance records?
You must keep and make available verifiable service receipts which show that the maintenance has been performed within the time and mileage limits required. Your agreement excludes benefits on any damage caused by a lack of recommended maintenance.
Who approves diagnosis and/or teardown on the repair?
You are responsible for authorizing all diagnoses needed to determine if your vehicle has a covered mechanical breakdown. If it is determined that the repair is needed due to a covered breakdown, we will pay for this part of the repair. If the failure is not due to a covered breakdown then you will be responsible for this charge.
Why did we deny or not cover a repair?
Please refer in your agreement to the "schedule of covered parts" and "exclusions from coverage" sections. In many cases the component your repair facility is asking to repair or replace is not specifically listed in your agreement for coverage, or there may be an excluded condition which caused the failure. If needed please call and we can help you with specific details.
What if I want to cancel my service agreement?
You may cancel your agreement by returning it to the Selling Dealer or directly to Principal Warranty Corp.
Is my vehicle service agreement transferrable?
Yes, your vehicle service agreement is transferrable to the next subsequent private purchaser of the vehicle only while the agreement is in force and if certain conditions are met. Please see your agreement for complete term and conditions.